Thursday, January 21, 2016

2015 Conference Recap

‘Tis the season for Conferences

This past summer and fall our lab had the pleasure of attending and presenting at both the Ecological Society of America’s 100th Annual Meeting held in Baltimore, Maryland and the joint meeting between the Entomological Society of America and Tri-Societies held in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Lesley Atwood presented work from her Pesticide Seed Treatment experiment at both national meetings. She was invited to speak in the Systems Approach to Agroecology organized by Drs. Randa Jabbour (U. Wyoming) and Mary Barbercheck (Penn State). Lesley’s talk “Disrupting the network? Assessing the impacts of pesticide seed treatments on multi-trophic interactions in the soil system” included field data which suggests pesticide seed treatments can unintentionally and adversely affect non-targeted populations of the soil microbial, soil invertebrate, and weed seedbank communities. Lesley also presented some of her Pesticide Seed Treatment data at the Ecological Society of America meeting: Effects of pesticide seed treatments on soil food webs in agroecosystems (COS 57-6).

Nick Warren and Sam Werner along with Liz Hogdon (UVM) presented a poster at ESA: Weed community assembly in cover crops: What is the relative importance of niche processes? PS 43-40, outlining some of Liz’s work with cover crops while at UNH as a Master’s student.

And Rich Smith presented a poster: Evidence of indirect effects of pesticide seed treatments on weed seed banks in corn and soybean agroecosystems PS 43-26.

We really enjoyed our time in Baltimore and Minneapolis. It was especially nice to learn about other agroecological work and to meet others in the agroecological community.

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