Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Recent Publications

Our group is happy to announce two recent publications:.

Cover-Crop Species as Distinct Biotic Filters in Weed Community Assembly.
Weed Science 2015. 63:282-295. 

We grew several cover crops species individually and together in mixture, and we discuss how cover crops may influence the composition of the weed community (their potential to "biologically filter" certain weed species). For more info, the abstract can be found here. Or contact us, if you are unable to access the full-text.


Effects of Living Mulch and Fertilizer on the Performance of Broccoli in Plasticulture.
HortScience 2015. 50(2):218-224.

Here we present the results of establishing a living mulch in a broccoli production system. December's post has a short write up about the field experiment, or please visit HortScience for more details.

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