Friday, September 13, 2013

ESA 2013 Annual Meeting in Minneapolis

The Ecological Society of America held their annual meeting this past August and several UNH Agroecology lab members attended.

Lesley Atwood presented a poster of some of her recent work: Zonal tillage boosts maize yields, but has little effect on above-ground litter decomposition.

Jennifer Wilhelm's poster discussed: Shifts in weed community composition and abundance along an intercropping and soil disturbance intensity gradient.

and Nick Warren presented part of his Master's research: Exploring the functional role of diversity in a broccoli -living mulch agroecosystem.

Thanks to Rich Smith and other co-authors on these projects!

Also, the ESA Agroecology working group maintains a Facebook page with various news articles and perspectives. If you're interested, click here to visit the site.

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